Amanda Salzberger (AKA Amanda-Mazing) is a peak performance specialist and professional hypnotist who travels the globe inspiring, entertaining and empowering audiences with her comedy hypnosis shows and unforgettable demonstrations.

Audiences tend to be surprised and delighted to see a female stage hypnotist in this highly male-dominated profession. Amanda has the dynamic ability to marry strength and softness like no other stage hypnotist on the planet, wielding absolute intensity with a compassionate touch.  She deeply respects and cares about her participant’s experiences on stage, creating hilarious scenarios that maintain the integrity and safety of all participants.

Amanda’s show is perfect for organizations who want to unlock the hidden potential of their employees and bring out the very best in people. Her shows provide a morale boost and bonding experience for colleagues and friends to create wonderful memories that last a lifetime.  Amanda’s shows are original, revitalizing and empowering, providing valuable insights into the power of belief and experience.