Weight Loss Program

I want to help you lose weight and change your relationship with your body forever. I know how much you want to lose weight and I also know the stories that you tell yourself about why you have not been able to in the past:

 “I’ve tried everything and nothing works for me.” Typically, people try a few versions of the same diet and gym strategies that simply do not work for most people. My unique, multi-pronged lifestyle-based program is a different approach altogether.

“I’ll start tomorrow.” But tomorrow turns into the day after as you indulge in a cookie and tell yourself that since you’ve eaten one, you might as well eat the entire box! The day after turns into a week later as you avoid any form of exercise because you’re too busy or too tired to start. Before you know it the summer has gone by, and you’ve stayed exactly where you started – or perhaps gained even more weight. Call me now and start getting results today!

 “I want to lose weight, but I have no self-control, no will power, no discipline, no time, no energy …” These self-limiting beliefs are very, very common. They are also simply not true.  Creating a healthy lifestyle that you absolutely love may sound impossible, but I make committing to a healthy lifestyle the path of least resistance. When you sign up for my Mind-ful Body Program you get:

  • Regular Hypnotherapy and HypnoCoaching sessions to turn self-defeating thoughts and out of control feelings into winning mindsets that guarantee success that lasts a lifetime
  • Regular Meal Planning sessions and movement programs based on what is realistic for you today
  • Social support program participation with individuals who have similar backgrounds and weight loss goals.

I am confident that by the time you have completed this unique program, you will be absolutely ecstatic about your results. So don’t wait for tomorrow. Contact me now and start losing weight today!

To get a sense of the power of this Mindful Body Transformation initiative, read about my own personal experience with the program here!