Hypno Birthing Workshop

In honour of my son’s 5th birthday, I will be facilitating a series of Hypno Birthing workshops designed to help women have positive, empowering birth experiences.

I learned about birth in the most direct way possible – I applied my own hypnosis/NLP background to Ina May Gaskin’s birth process and personally experienced an ecstatic, pain-free birth!

I am thrilled to be sharing what I learned on my journey with expectant mothers and their birth partners.

In this 5-week workshop series, you will:


Hypno Birthing

Please note that this Hypno Birthing program is *not* based on the Mongan Method. It does not cover pregnancy and childbirth education. The emphasis is on mind management and experiential learning.

Please contact me for workshop dates, times and locations.

$299 per couple + HST