Self-Hypnosis for Athletes

athletes mind before the race

Athletes, you’ve been training hard, fast, and long for a while now.  You have started making dietary changes and you are focusing on your nutrition. You might have even enlisted the help of yoga instructors, massage therapists and chiropractors to support your body’s efforts and keep yourself injury-free.

You are doing everything you can to improve your physical fitness and achieve a personal best…But what about your mental fitness?

Research suggests that more than 70 percent of our performance depends on our mental fitness yet most athletes spend little to no time training their minds.

What happens when your training starts to feel stale and you don’t feel motivated to push yourself anymore? Boredom and burnout can completely derail your race plans.

So can performance anxiety. Everyone experiences some level of anxiety leading up to a key race. Do you know how to make that nervous energy work for you instead of against you? You can be in the best physical shape of your life, but if you lack mental fitness, your results will not reflect your true potential.

Athletes, Train Your Brain and Rock Your Next Race!