How It Works

Have you ever seen a locksmith work? It looks like magic. He plays with a lock, sees things you don’t see, hears things you don’t hear, feels things you aren’t feeling and somehow manages to figure out the entire combination to a safe.

Skilled Hypnotists and NLP Practitioners work the same way. We pay close attention to both the text and subtext of communications in order to figure out people’s inner workings and open up the vault of their minds. Once we understand what drives individuals to do what they do, we use their motivation strategies to help them achieve their ultimate goals.

Create Your Ideal Future

Amanda Salzberger will partner with you to create your ideal future. She starts by getting a crystal clear understanding of the reality you want to create. She then leads you into a deeply relaxed, highly resourceful, peak state and asks a series of leading questions to determine exactly what needs to shift in your mind and body to fully experience your desired future. While you are in this hypnotic state, Amanda anchors elements of your ideal future to your current experience and creates subconscious triggers and rituals designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Our Process

FREE CONSULTATION – Your initial consultation gives you the opportunity to have all of your questions about hypnotherapy/hypnocoaching answered. It also helps us determine if the approach used at Transcend Your Mind Inc. is the best way for you to achieve your personal goals.

BENEFITS FORM – You will be asked to complete this form in advance of your first session in order to help clarify the specific outcomes and benefits you want from your hypnotherapy sessions.

The first Hypnotherapy session will be approximately 75 minutes in length.

In this session, we will get a clear understanding of the results you want to create, we will discuss any relevant case history, and we will experiment with different induction methods and deepening techniques to allow you to experience different levels of trance.


Typically clients require at least three hypnotherapy sessions to get in touch with the underlying cause of negative behaviours, resolve inner conflicts and move forward in the direction of their choosing.

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