amandasalzbergerAmanda Salzberger is a Leader in the Human Resources field and she has taught Human Resources and Performance Management at the college level. She is currently on the board of Directors for West Toronto Keys to Inclusion, a community-based organization that helps individuals with an intellectual disability reach their true potential.

Over the past decade, Amanda has delivered numerous hypnosis stage shows and presentations that demonstrate what is possible when conscious barriers are broken down and the unlimited power of the unconscious mind is unleashed. She has also helped many individuals overcome addictions, end patterns of self-sabotage and be the people they always wanted to be.

Amanda uses powerful hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) techniques to empower people to let go of their self-limiting beliefs, reconnect with their passion, and move forward in the direction of their choosing.

Amanda practices what she teaches. She recently attracted national media attention when the application of her HypnoBirthing techniques was so successful that medical professionals did not believe that she was in labour transition and they left. Fortunately Amanda’s husband was there to deliver the baby moments later!