Hypnocoaching / Hypnotherapy

Have you ever tried to change a habit or pattern of behavior only to find yourself slipping back into your old ways after a short period of time? If you have had the same problem for a while, you have likely imagined many reasons why you are "broken" in that particular way. When you begin hypnocoaching/hypnotherapy at Transcend Your Mind Inc, you will discover that you have always worked perfectly and your subconscious mind is programmed for the exact results you are getting - even if you might consciously prefer different results. Start by deciding what you want to change and what you really want in life, then let Amanda will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Peak Performance Training

Replace the self-limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that inhibit peak performance and productivity. Amanda’s interactive presentations and workshops demonstrate the power and ability we have to reprogram our subconscious minds to overcome addictions, manage stress and achieve our ultimate goals. Introduce your team to performance-boosting tools and success strategies that will last a lifetime.

Premium Entertainment with a Motivational Message

Amanda Salzberger (also known as Amanda-Mazing) transforms average events into amazing experiences! With her powerful combination of mind blowing comedy hypnosis and brain training tools and techniques, Amanda’s shows and presentations are not only entertaining, they are life-changing. Her comedy hypnosis shows are always positive, tasteful and empowering – no one will be embarrassed. Participants become the heroes of your event and everyone has a wonderful time.